Greetings! We are Reuse First, a creative team dedicated to rescuing discarded materials that have the potential to become something useful. We began our journey into professional repurposing in 2008! All of our products are handcrafted from locally sourced, reused materials. We collect our paper from various Chicagoland businesses and our beer and liquor bottles are collected from local bars and folks that donate to us. We hope to inspire people to think creatively and resourcefully and of course, to Reuse First!


  1. Soy is a renewable resource, unlike petroleum. 
  2. Soy wax does not emit toluene and benzene, toxic chemicals found in paraffin wax, into the air.
  3. The soy wax we use supports midwest farmers
  4. Soy wax is 100% biodegradable
  5. Soy wax is long lasting, it burns cooler and slower than paraffin wax.


We sell our wares nationwide!

We have additional items available on Etsy. Below is a list of stores that carry our candles:


F .E.W. Tasting Room - 918 Chicago Ave, Evanston

Gethsemane Garden Center - 5739 N Clark St, Chicago

Inkling - 2917 1/2 N Broadway, Chicago

Bitterpops3345 N Lincoln Ave #102, Chicago

L & A Healing Studio -  1620 s Michigan avenue, Chicago

Squidboat - 1138 N. California, Chicago

Neighborly2003 W Montrose Ave, Chicago

Stumble and Relish 1310 A Chicago Ave, Evanston


Wildcard - 4209 Butler St, Pittsburgh

Want to see our goods in your neighborhood? Email us!