No More Jack Daniel's Candles


Well folks, we've received an official notice that we may no longer sell candles in Jack Daniel's® containers due to trademark issues. While we of course understand the need to protect your brand and to prevent consumers from confusing our product as something Jack Daniel's® endorses, we feel this is an important topic to discuss. It seems smaller brands react with excitement and enthusiasm when they see their bottles turned into candles. Numerous brands have chosen to work together with us and we receive loads of support from our local community. Is the issue here the size of the company and their strong legal team? Should large brands consider creating a department for creative reuse of their products? The catch 22 is that while being more environmentally friendly, repurposing actually takes more time and effort than manufacturing a new container specifically meant for the intended purpose. 

We hate to read, "We believe that the best place for our empty bottles is actually in the recycling bin." Obviously, we disagree! We've never had any safety issues with the Jack Daniel's® containers after many tests and we find it extremely unfortunate that the company is unable to consider even adopting repurposed candles as their own product. While we've come a long way with "green business practices", we've still got so much further to go. 

In other news, we are very excited for the opportunities to work together with FEW Spirits on numerous projects and with Bluecoat Gin on creating candles out of their beautiful bottles. We're thrilled that these companies are enthusiastically pursuing creative repurposing of their bottles! Let's hear it for the companies out there that believe in creative repurposing!


Photo Credit: C Eby Photography 2015

Photo Credit: C Eby Photography 2015

Our Holiday Season is Just Around the Corner!

Want to shop our booth and stock up on candles for the holidays?! We'll be selling our wares at numerous shows! Don't forget, we also make custom candles so you can be sure to give your loved ones the perfect gift! E-mail us at reusefirst{at}gmail{dot}com for custom orders. Bulk discounts are offered on orders of ten or more candles!

2014 Holiday Show Season

Show of Hands - Chicago - Nov 22-23
DIY Trunk Show - Chicago - Nov 22
Small Business Friday Trunk Show Inkling - Chicago - Nov 28
Handmade Arcade - Pittsburgh - Dec 6
Bucktown Holiday Art Show - Chicago - Dec 13-14

Lake Michigan Winter 2014.... Stay warm and cozy with Reuse First candles this winter!


Upcoming Street Festivals and Craft Shows!

Well well, helloooo August! I don't think July last more than the blink of an eye for us!! With three weekends of festivals, Jeremiah's huge signage project for Ipsento and Michelle's numerous photography projects, July flew by! Hopefully time slows down a bit in August because we would like to catch our breath and spend some time enjoying our hard earned summer!!

That being said, worry not! There will be plenty more opportunities to shop our booth this summer! Coming up we have the following shows: