It should be noted that no candle is "soot-free" because combustion causes soot; however the soot from soy wax is not sticky like petroleum-based soot. If you find your candle is producing soot, be sure your wick is trimmed to 1/4" and that it is away from drafty windows.

what do you mean by clean burning?

Soy wax is considered "clean burning" because unlike paraffin wax, it is not derived from petroleum which emits toxic chemicals toluene and benzene into the air you breathe. We also use pure cotton wicks instead of zinc core wicks and phthalate-free scents to ensure our candles are as health-friendly as possible! 

Are the edges of the glass smooth?

Yes! We take great pride in the high quality products we deliver! All bottles are machine cut to an even line and sanded using three professional glass polishing machines. Our edges are not flame polished then annealed like drinking glasses, however they are smooth and level and safe!

Can i order a custom candle?

Absolutely! We love creating custom candles for folks. Whether it's from a bottle you provide us or a bottle we have in stock, we can make it happen! Custom 12 oz beer bottle candles start at $25 and custom 750ML liquor/wine bottle candles start at $35. Have a larger bottle? No problem! We can also cut magnum bottles, handles and growlers! Email us to submit your custom request. Standard turnaround time is two weeks.

Do you offer discounted refills on your candles?

We sure do! When you finish burning your Reuse First candle, you can schedule an appointment to drop the container off at our studio, choose a new scent and pick it up within two weeks. The cost is $12 for beer bottle refills and $18 for liquor bottle refills. Email us to schedule your drop off!

What do I do if my candle arrives broken?

Don't panic! We can send you a replacement candle right away! If your candle arrives broken, we will need a picture of the damaged candle so that we can process your replacement request. Once we receive the image of the broken candle, you can expect your replacement to ship out within 3 business days via USPS priority mail or FedEx Ground.

What street festivals and holiday markets will you be selling at?

We often don't find out which shows we've been accepted to until a month or several weeks beforehand. Check our Instagram feed where we usually post details about upcoming shows several days beforehand and the day of!

How Strong are your scents?

We have very discerning noses here at Reuse First! We don't like our candle fragrances to knock you in the face and make you nauseous, but we do like our fragrances to fill a room! Our beer bottle candles are great for bathrooms and small offices and our liquor bottle candles are great for bedrooms and living rooms. The wider the burn-pool, the stronger the scent throw: This means that bottles with wide openings as well as candles that are double wicked will produce a maximum scent throw.